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Packaging & Discretion

Worried about prying eyes? Fear not! Our discreet packaging and billing ensure that your personal information and shopping escapades remain as private as Lady Danger's best-kept secrets.

Safety and Satisfaction First

At Lady Danger, your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Each treasure within this box is crafted from body-safe materials, ensuring a premium, unforgettable experience that prioritizes your well-being.

Who is Lady Danger?

Welcome to Lady Danger, a bold and empowering sex toy company that caters to women aged 18 and above. We are on a mission to revolutionize the world of pleasure, encouraging every woman to embrace her desires, explore her fantasies, and ignite her sensual side with confidence and curiosity.

At Lady Danger, we believe that pleasure is a fundamental aspect of a woman's well-being and self-expression. We celebrate the power of sexual liberation and the freedom to embrace one's sensuality without shame or judgment. Our carefully curated collection of pleasure products is designed to empower women to take control of their pleasure and discover the depths of their desires.

We understand that every woman is unique, with her own preferences and desires. That's why we offer an extensive range of high-quality, body-safe, and beautifully crafted sex toys that cater to a variety of tastes and experiences. From discreet and elegant vibrators to adventurous BDSM accessories, our selection is carefully curated to ensure there's something for everyone.

Lady Danger is not just about products; it's about an experience. We are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment where women can explore their desires, ask questions, and receive expert guidance. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect toy or provide any information you may need.

We take pride in the quality and safety of our products. All our toys are made from body-safe materials, free from harmful chemicals, and rigorously tested to ensure your satisfaction and well-being. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.

In addition to our commitment to pleasure and quality, we also believe in social responsibility. Lady Danger actively supports organizations that champion sexual health, education, and empowerment. Through our initiatives, we strive to contribute to a world where sexual well-being is celebrated, and everyone has the opportunity to explore their desires in a safe and judgment-free environment.

Welcome to Lady Danger, where pleasure meets empowerment. We invite you to dive into a world of self-discovery, sensual exploration, and unapologetic pleasure. Embrace your desires, unleash your inner vixen, and embark on a journey of self-expression and satisfaction with Lady Danger by your side. Let us be your trusted companion in unlocking the full potential of your sensuality.

Shipping & Delivery

All orders will be processed within 1 to 2 business days.

  • Domestic flat rate standard shipping of $10.
  • Domestic flat rate express shipping of $20.

Yes, we do ship internationally.

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Returns & Exchanges

Due to the nature of our products we can unfortunately not accept returns. We do offer refunds or replacements when there is a major problem with the product as defined below.

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What is YouPay?

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You shop, they pay

welcome to multiplayer shopping

Shop online and send your cart to another person with a single click using YouPay! Get the items you actually want and make buying them simpler than ever – welcome to multiplayer shopping at {{shop.name}}.

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Step 1

Add what you like

to your cart

Create your cart on {{shop.name}} with the items you want.

Step 2

Create your

YouPay link

Click the YouPay button on the product or cart page, then enter your details.

Step 3

Share your

YouPay link

Congrats, your cart is now a shareable YouPay link! Send it to whoever you would like to pay for your order - parents, partners, mates, whoever!

Step 4

Someone else

pays for your order

The person receiving the link can instantly pay for the order and you get the order confirmation to know it’s been paid for – easy!

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What are the benefits

of YouPaying my order?

Share your link

Sharing is caring

and now easy!

With YouPay, you can let someone know exactly what you want, and they can pay for it instantly. YouPay is perfect for partners, parents, professionals and so much more!

Get what you really want

Safe & secure

at all times.

YouPay doesn’t require much information to create or pay for your YouPay link (we don’t access or store any payment details), but any information we do require is stored privately and securely – giving both shoppers and payers complete peace of mind when using YouPay.

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Our frequently

asked questions

If you still have questions or require assistance, please visit our full FAQ page for additional information.

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Yes, YouPay is free for everyone – our Shoppers (the person receiving the products) and Payers (the person who makes the payment).

Yes. We keep your name and address private from your Payer or Shopper.

A Shopper is the person who places the original order and will be receiving the items.

A Payer is the person who pays for the order. The Shopper sends the Payer a YouPay link to make a purchase.

Yes, YouPay links are fully encrypted.

Anyone who wants to pay for you.

YouPay offers the same payment methods the shop offers for regular payments with the most common being PayPal and credit card.

Yes, YouPay supports PayPal and other payment methods including Visa and Mastercard. YouPay uses the shop’s original payment methods to process the Payer’s payment.

No, we do not. YouPay connects your Payer to the existing payment methods in your chosen shop.

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Have question not answered below. Don't hesitate to contact us on ladydangeraustralia@gmail.com or use the form below.

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